As employment solicitors Kings Cross, London, we deal with a wide variety of employment matters, from helping design effective contracts to negotiating amicable settlement agreements between employers and employees. We supply clear, straightforward advice and will always provide you with the most commercially beneficial option to any situation.

As an employee you have many rights which protect your position, employment status, wages and wellbeing at work. You will also have a range of obligations which may or may not have been set out explicitly in a contract or other employment documents. Our aim is always to ensure that a client is aware of their rights and obligations and their employers do not take advantage of them in any circumstances.

As an employer you have obligations to your employees and the government regarding hours, remuneration, tax and benefits. However, the nature of how you retain contractors, freelancers, temporary employees or permanent members of your business affects your rights and the protection you and your business receive from the law.

We can advise on any area of employment law including:


If you need transparent, experienced advice on an employment matter either as an employer or employee, please contact us and we can arrange for a meeting, either at our office, your business or over the telephone, with one of our  employment solicitors Kings Cross, London. Contact Us