You need to prove a few things before a successful claim can be brought…

  • False statement – You need to be sure the representation made to you was false.
  • It is not necessary that they knew it to be true, but that they were reckless as to whether or not it was true.
  • Reliance – If you do not place reliance on the statement, there is nothing to complain about.
  • We have to be able to show a detriment, and in this case that you relied on the false representation.
  • Loss – You must have suffered a loss.

Each case has to be handled carefully. Courts can take a very strict view on claims that someone has been fraudulent and it is a matter for us, professionally, to make sure a claim is as accurate as it can be before starting proceedings at court.

The first place to start is your evidence: If you believe you have a claim, we need to make sure it can be proven. This is all the more important in a claim for fraud as the bar is set quite high in real terms. Let us have the documentation and come in for a discussion. If we feel you have a claim, our team of solicitors can guide you through the process.

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